The Shady Trio is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


Each number of a shady trio was dressed in red, white, and green. However, none of their outfits were the same. Here's what witnesses had to stay about them:

"The men wore the same color jackets."
"Two of them had white pants on."
"The larger man wore a white hat."
"The woman's jacket was green."

Tap the trio's clothes and change the colors to match the eyewitness report.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You know for sure that the large man has a white hat and the woman has a green jacket. Start from here.

You also know that the men have the same color jackets. So, what color must their jackets be?

The large man has a white hat. This means the men's jackets cannot be white.

Two of the three scoundrels are wearing white pants. The large guy isn't wearing white pants.

Now that you know which two have white pants on, see if you can figure out the rest.

The woman's jacket is green and her pants are white. Therefore, her hat must be red.

Remember, they are all wearing the same three colors, but none of them are wearing the same combination. Keep this in mind, and give it another try.

You know that the man in the middle has white pants. So, in order to avoid the same combination as the woman, his hat must be green and his jacket must be red.

If you fill in all these colors, you should solve this puzzle in no time!



Too bad!

If you start with what you know for sure, the rest shouldn't be too difficult.



For a shady trio, their clothes might be a bit too conspicuous.


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