The Vanishing Cube is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


On the table below are four cubes made up of matches.

Can you change four cubes to three by moving a single match?


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The matches are arranged so that they appear to form four adjoining cubes. How can you rearrange things to make one of these cubes disappear?

The four cubes appear to be arranged in two rows. The first row has one cube, and the row behind it has three. You need to get rid of the middle cube in the back row.

All you need to do is reposition one of the diagonal matches so that it points straight up and down.




The arrangement of the matches fools your eyes into thinking that you're looking at four cubes. How can you fool your eyes into seeing three cubes instead?



US Version

Moving a single matchstick changes your perspective on the shape. Was it difficult thinking about things in 3-D?

UK Version

Were you easily able to visualise the matchstick cubes as three-dimensional objects?


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