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The Wire Cube is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


You want to create a cube out of metal wiring using the fewest number of wires possible.

You can bend each wire as many times as you like, but no portion of the cube can have more than one length of wire running over the same edge. Don't worry about how one wire will connect to the next, because you'll use a soldering iron later on.

What is the fewest number of wires required to complete the task described above?


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Think about a corner of a cube and how many lines meet at that point.

Three lines meet at each corner on a cube.

Imagine a corner where a single wire forms two of the three lines. The final line in this corner must come from the end of a different wire.

Therefore, in every corner, at least one of the three lines comes from the end of a wire.

There are eight corners to a cube. As discussed earlier, every corner in a cube requires at least one end of a wire.

Each wire has two ends, right?



Give it another shot.


You need four wires to make the cube.

Three straight lines make up each of the cube's eight corners. At least one wire must terminate at each corner. Since there are eight corners, you'll need eight wire ends to form things properly. Each wire has two ends, so the total number of wires needed is four.


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