Thick As Thieves is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


This trio of criminal brothers have committed so many crimes together that even their breathing has become syncronised.

One of their favourite robbery techniques involves two of the bothers dropping stolen goods down from above, while the third brother handles their cart. In order to keep the cart balanced, however, the weight must be distributed evenly in a square shape.

Can you help the brothers get away with another big haul?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Don't forget that each piece flips 180° as it drops. You could try working this out in your head, or, if you're struggling to visualise how the pieces would fall, you could try turning your Nintendo 3DS system around and looking at them upside down.

Start by moving the cart one space to the right before dropping the first pieces. For your next piece, move it two spaces to the left.

Following that, move the cart all the way tot he left and then drop the third piece.

After following the three steps in Hint 2, move your cart three spaces to the right then drop the next piece.

Now, before making your next move, take a look at what's coming next: a blue U-shaped piece. To accommodate this, you'll need to drop the square piece onto the right edge of the cart.

After you've dropped the U-shaped piece, the only pieces you've got left are an L-shaped one and a long, straight one.

Move the cart as far right as it will go, then drop the L-shaped piece. Now it should be obvious where to put the final straight piece.



A perfect heist!

The brothers have done it again!

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