Thick As Thieves 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


These three brothers turned to a life of crime a long time ago, and have been doing it so long they've perfected all their techniques.

Their most successful method involves two of the brothers dropping stolen goods down from above, while the third brother handles their cart. In order to keep the cart balanced, however, the weight must be distributed evenly in the shape of a square.

Can you help the brothers get away with another big haul?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The sheer number of pieces makes this a very tricky puzzle. Start off by moving your cart as far left as it will go, then drop the first and second pieces in the same place.

Following Hint 1, move the cart two spaces to the right before dropping the next piece. After that, you'll need to move it all the way to the right and then drop the blue piece.

This should fill up the whole bottom layer of your cart.

Continuing from Hint 2, roll the cart back to the middle position and, leaving it there, drop both the small crate and the following piece.

Next, for the T-shaped piece, move the cart all the way to the right.

Only four more pieces to go!

After Hint 3, move the cart back to the middle for the next piece, then all the way to the left for the one after.

Look carefully at the last two pieces and think about how you can fit them into the remaining space on the cart...



What a getaway!

The brothers' method is certainly an effective one. Let's just hope they haven't stolen anything fragile!

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