Thirst for Answers is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Sonya's organising a little soirée and intends to be the perfect host. She's heard that three of her guests are rather fussy and will be terribly offended if she offers them anything other than their favourite beverage. Her friends each give her a tip:
"B likes tea and C hates juice."
"A likes milk or tea, while B hates juice."
"Either B or C likes milk, and A hates juice."

Sadly, one of these tips is utter rubbish...
Still, can you help Sonya work out what to offer each of her fussy guests?


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Start by dealing with each tip one at a time. If the first tip is false, B hates tea and C likes juice. If the second tip is false, A hates milk and tea, and B likes juice.

Can you work out what it means if the third tip is false?

Let's assume the second tip is the false one, making the first and third tips true. The first tip tells you that B likes tea, A likes juice and C likes milk, but then, if the second tip is false, B must like juice, not tea...

The second tip can't be the false one!

Now let's imagine that the third is false and that the first and second tips are true. The first tip tells you A likes juice, but then the second one says that A likes either milk or tea. Looks like this isn't going to work...

The third tip can't be the false one. But you know that one of the tips must be false.

Imagine that the first tip is false and the second and third tips are true.

C likes juice, B hates juice and A hates juice. No problems there.

B hates tea and juice, so he likes milk. Either B or C likes milk. All good so far.

Now then, who likes tea?



Too bad.

Take a good look at all the information once again.



A likes tea, B likes milk and C likes juice.

Perhaps one of Sonya's friends wanted to make B drink the tea he hates so much. But you're not going to let a grudge spoil her perfect party!

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