Three Clowns is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Three clowns are chatting about their three shared pieces of equipment.
1) "I keep my hat in the black box and everything else in the yellow box."
2) "I keep my drum in the red box, my ball in the green and my hat in the black."
3) "I keep my drum in the green box and everything else in the white box."

The clowns have each put one thing into a box, and no two clowns put away the same thing. The black and green boxes are empty. Which box contains a ball?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The empty black and green boxes are the keys to solving this puzzle.

You need to work out which clown put his or her ball in one of the remaining boxes.

Both 1 and 2 said they would put their hat into the black box, but the black box is empty. Since there's one of each item in the boxes, that must mean 3 put her hat in one of the boxes.

From Hint 2, you can work out that 3 put her hat in the white box.

Now look at what 1 and 2 said. Where would 2 put his ball if he was going to put it away?

If 2 had put his ball away, it would be in the green box. However, you know that the green box is empty.

So who put away a ball and into which box?



Too bad.

Which one could it have been?



It's the yellow box. Since the black box is empty, neither 1 nor 2 put their hats into it, which means 3 must have put away her hat in the white box. The green box is also empty, meaning that 2 can't have put his ball in it, so he must have put his drum in the red box. That leaves 1, who put her ball in the yellow box.

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