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Three Umbrellas is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Three identical-looking umbrellas are sitting upright in a stand. Assuming the owners don't check their umbrellas' labels, what percentage chance is there that only two people will walk off with their own umbrella?


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Don't lose focus of what's being asked.
Keep in mind that you aren't being asked the percentage likelihood of you grabbing your own umbrella from a group of three.

If two people have already successfully taken their own umbrellas, then who does the final umbrella belong to?

Three umbrellas sit in a bin. Two people come by and take their own umbrellas by chance, but the third person fails to do so... Hey, is that even possible?




Although this puzzle is asking about percentages, you shouldn't need a calculator to finish this one.


That's right!

If two people manage to grab their own umbrellas, the third person is left with only one umbrella to take: her own!

It's impossible for only two of the three to pick up their own umbrellas.


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