Toppings Up! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A renowned but clumsy chef prepared this mouthwatering margherita pizza and cut it into eight slices. Unfortunately, he somehow managed to flip over all but one of them in the process.

He's tried his best to flip the slices back up but the cheese is spread so thickly that every time he flips one, the adjacent slices turn over with it.

Can you find a way to flip the slices so they all face the right way up?


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Seven of the eight slices are facing down, so flipping three of them up seems like a good idea to start with. But even if you get six of them the right way up, one will still be face down.

The more difficult-seeming method may in fact be the simplest.

You should be able to solve it right away once you know which slice to flip first. There's only one slice of the three that are flipped in the first move.

Try flipping over either slice next to the one facing up. Now look how the facedown slices are arranged. It should be easy to flip over the whole pizza in two more moves.

Assuming you start by flipping the slice to the right of the one facing up, that leaves the whole top-right quadrant facing up. Now you just need to flip up the rest quadrant by quadrant and you're done!




You can flip the entire pizza face up in just three moves. How did it work out?


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