Toppings Up! Part 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Another pizza gone wrong for our ham-handed chef! This time he managed to flip exactly half the pizza upside down.

He tried to flip it back up, but the cheese is spread just as thickly as on the last pizza, and every time he tries to flip a slice, the adjacent slices turn over with it.

Can you find a way to get the whole pizza back the right way up, toppings and all?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You may be tempted to go ahead and flip over three slices on the right side of the pizza, but don't be hasty.

That said, the first slice you need to flip is on the right.

With your first move, you should flip two slices up and one down. There are two possible slices you can flip to achieve this, but don't worry--you can finish in the minimum number of moves either way.

Remember the two possible slices mentioned in Hint 2? Your next move is to flip the second one, the one you didn't pick last time.

You should now have a similar pattern on the opposite site.

Now it's time to flip the slice on the left side. Resist the urge to pick a facedown slice and flip one facing up. The puzzle is as good as solved!




You can flip the whole pizza back up in just four moves, you know.

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