Touch Ten Buttons is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


The control panel for this lift contains 25 buttons, ten of which need to be pressed to activate the lift.

The rows and columns are marked with numbers that indicate how many buttons in that row or column need to be pressed. No buttons should be pressed on rows or columns marked O.

Now, choose carefully and press the ten buttons that will activate the lift!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

First of all, look at the numbers written on each row and column. Remember that you don't have to press any buttons on the ones marked O, so you can leave those alone. Perhaps you could use the Memo Function to remind yourself not to touch these buttons.

Next up, look at the row and the column marked 4. You need to press four buttons in each case.

If you've used the Memo Function to mark the buttons you shouldn't push, as Hint 1 suggested, it should be easy enough to work out which buttons to press.

Continuing from Hint 2, turn your attention to the row and the column marked 1. There should already be one button pressed in each, so you don't actually need to press any more.

Perhaps you should use the Memo Function once again, to indicate that none of the other buttons on the column and row marked 1 should be pressed.

Following on from Hint 3, you want to look at the row marked 3. You should have already marked two of the buttons on this row as "don't touch!", so it must be the other three that you have to press.

Now, is there any other button you need to press?



Oh, dear...

At least you haven't triggered any security systems!


On the button!

Now, let's move on!

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