Tricolor Template (Tricolour Template in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


It's your job to paint a pyramid built from 21 circular pieces of wood. You've been given three colors to work with: red, blue, and yellow.

Before you get too creative however, there's one important rule you need to follow: no two pieces of wood next to each other can be the same color.

One piece has already been painted red. If you follow the rule and finish painted the entire pyramid, what color will piece A be? Circle the correct colored paint can.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

There's more than one way to paint the pyramid, but the color of piece A will end up the same no matter how you do it.

Don't forget about the handy-dandy Memo function. it happens to have all the colors used in this puzzle!

There are two possible ways to figure the rule and paint the entire pyramid. The order of blue and yellow around the red piece can be switched around.

You learned in Hint Three that the order of blue and yellow pieces can be switched around, which means that one color's position is fixed...



Too bad!

Don't overthink it. There's only one right answer.



The image above shows the two possible ways of following the rule and painting the entire pyramid. Notice that either way results in A being red. Cool, eh?


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