Troubled Waters 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


The bridge across the river to Torrido has been destroyed in a sandstorm, leaving the inhabitants stranded! Can you help them create a makeshift bridge out of scrap materials?

Move and rotate the various pieces of scrap and get the makeshift bridge completed as quickly as possible.

Be aware that pieces of the old bridge are blocking the river, so you won't be able to dump the scrap material in some places.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start by slotting pieces into the bottom of the frame. Both the green pipe piece and the brown crate piece seem to fit perfectly into the awkwardly shaped space in the bottom-left corner.

Pick one and see how it goes.

Rotate the brown logs horizontally and slot them into the bottom right of the frame.

If you placed the pipe in the bottom-left corner as a result of Hint 1, you made a mistake. It's actually the crates that should go down there.

The yellow piece slots in above the crates, then the ancient-looking stone sculpture goes next to the yellow piece.

The green pipe goes next to the stone sculpture, and the speckled stone should be slotted in above the logs in the bottom right.

If you've placed all the pieces in the correct places so far, you should have a space into which the T brick can fit perfectly.




That should provide the locals with a way to cross the river while the bridge is being repaired.

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