Very Specific Scoops is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


In your ice cream shop, you overhear a fussy Fernando mumbling to himself. Can you make him the ice cream cone he wants?

"I don't want either of the flavours on the ends at the bottom of the cone!"

"Is C chocolate? Ugh, I hate chocolate!"

"In the middle, I want one that's second from one of the ends."

"B is vanilla, right? I'd prefer one of the ice creams next to that to be on top!"

"D is pistachio flavour. That's definitely not going in the middle."


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

He's made it quite clear that he doesn't want chocolate (C) anywhere near his ice cream.

He seems to want a flavour that's next to vanilla (B) to go at the top of his ice cream. Since you know he dislikes chocolate (C), the flavour he wants at the top must be strawberry (A).

According to the third thing he said, the flavour to go in the middle of his ice cream is either vanilla (B) or pistachio (D).

But didn't he say later that pistachio (D) definitely isn't going in the middle? That leaves vanilla (B).

Think about what goes at the bottom of the boy's ice cream. Chocolate (C) can be ruled out straight away, as can vanilla (B), since it's already the flavour in the middle.

He also mumbled something about not wanting "either of the flavours on the ends" at the bottom, which just leaves one choice.



Too bad.

Take another look at this picky Peter's mumblings.


Ice cold!

The only ice cream that would satisfy this hard-to-please Harry's demands goes from the top down:

Strawberry (A)

Vanilla (B)

Pistachio (D).

And he looks delighted!

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