Very Specific Scoops 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


A choosy Charlie barges into your ice cream shop, making lots of demands about the ice cream he wants. Are you up to the task?

"For the top, give me a flavour from the top row, but not from one of the ends!"
"Is B lemon? Don't put that in the middle! Put one of ones beside it there!"
"At the bottom, I want a flavour from one of the tubs in the bottom corners."
"A is pistachio? Yuck! H is strawberry? Ew!"
"Wait, no! Switch the flavour at the bottom for the one from the opposite corner."


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The boy clearly hates pistachio (A) and strawberry (H), so you know not to use these.

He also specifies that he wants a flavour from the tub next to lemon (B) in the middle of his ice cream. Since you know he isn't keen on pistachio flavour (A), he must want mint choc chip (C) in the middle of his ice cream.

The flavour the boy wants at the top of his ice cream is either lemon (B) or mint choc chip (C). Since you already know that mint choc chip (C) goes in the middle of his ice cream, lemon (B) must be the one to go at the top.

The boy starts off thinking that he'd like orange (E) at the bottom of his ice cream, but then he changes his mind and asks for the flavour from the "opposite corner".

The "opposite corner" could mean tub H, but since you know he really doesn't like strawberry, he must be talking about chocolate (D).



Too bad.

Try switching things around a bit.


Ice cold!

The only ice cream that would satisfy this pernickety Percy's demands contains the following flavours from the top down:
Lemon (B)
Mint choc chip (C)
Chocolate (D)

And doesn't he look elated!

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