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Walled In 2
GameProfessor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
TypeArrange Blocks
LocationMain Street
EpisodeSpecial Episode 3
In other languages
DeutschMaurerarbeiten 2
EspañolMuro enigmático 2
FrançaisPuzzle mural 2

Walled In 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is part of a Special Episode, and must be solved during that episode to continue.


A once beautiful relief now lies in ruins with many of its pieces dislodged and scattered.

These displaced blocks can only be pushed along sections of the relief that are still intact.

Push the blocks into their correct positions in the holes and reassemble the relief!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

First, move the square block from the top left corner down to the bottom left gap in the relief.

To open up the space for this, first move the block with the princess' face right one space and up one space. Then move the long, straight block down one space to the bottom.

Next, push the block on the left of the T-shaped block so that it perfectly fits into the T-shaped block.

Then take the L-shaped block from the top right and move it down into the bottom of the largest hole. The block with the princess's face will fit right above the L-shaped block.

It's slowly coming together now.

Take the T-shaped block and move it to the gap above the block with the princess' face.

Now move the block that was below the T-shaped block to the top of the left hole. The remaining gap should be easy to fill.

Only two blocks remain.

Take the long block and push it into the long hole on the far right.

The rest is not too difficult to work out!




It looks as if all the pieces have been neatly put back together.

What a relief!