Watertight Code is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


There's a glass water tank next to a locked door. On the floor by the oor are some metal balls and wooden balls, each of which has a numbered panel attached by a cord. Place the correct panels into the gaps to enter the code to unlock the door.

You have only one clue to guide you: "Those who seek passage need only ask the water."

What is the code to open the door?


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The clue is the key to this puzzle.

Remember, there's a large glass water tank next to the door. How might that help you?

Let's take a look at these balls with panels attached lying on the floor. The cords connecting the panels are all different lengths. Additionally, the balls are made of two different materials: wood and metal.

How do these details fit in?

Have you worked out what "ask the water" means yet?

Putting all the balls lying on the floor into the tank will cast some light on the situation.

Imagine putting the balls into the water tank and viewing them through the glass. The panels attached to the wooden balls will just float on the top, so you won't see them. The metal balls will sink, so you'll only see panels attached to those balls.

The lenghts of the cords also differ, so imagine what order the panels would appear in from top to bottom. Might this be the code to get in?



Too bad.

Think about the clue some more. What could "ask the water" mean?


Correct! The door is open!

The code was 9594. If you drop the balls into the water tank, the wooden balls and their attached panels will just float on the top, while the metal balls will sink to the bottom, leaving the important panels in the middle.

The length of the cords tell you the order of the numbers, so you have to enter them from top to bottom, the same way you would see the panels floating in the tank.

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