Where's Mother? (Where's Mum? in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


This little girl has lost her mommy.
"Me mam has red hair. Oh aye, and she has a pink handbag with a bear on it!"

There's a group of people talking nearby.
A: "Look how stylish everyone is today!"
B: "Hold on. This handbag isn't mine!"
C: "Hey! I may dress girly, but I'm a man!"
D: "My handbag is a blue one."
E: "Hmm, this isn't my bag. It's got the wrong pattern."

Who is the girl's mom? Choose from A to E.


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Pay close attention to what the little girl said.

One detail is that her mom has red hair. That means it can't be A.

C might have red hair, but he's definitely not the girl's mom.

The remaining candidates are B, D and E.

Of these, only D has a handbag that fits the description of "pink with a bear on it." However, judging by what D says, it's not actually her handbag. These three women's handbags were all mixed up somehow.

E says that the handbag she's holding has the wrong pattern. The only other pattern on these women's handbags is the star on the bag B is holding.

Furthermore, D says her handbag is blue. This must be the bear-patterned blue handbag that E is holding.

E's original handbag is the blue one with the star pattern.

D's original handbag is the blue one with the bear pattern.

Whoever is left must be the owner of the pink bag with the bear pattern - and hence the little girl's mom.



Too bad.

Quick, find the girl's mom for her!


You've got it in the bag!

The correct answer is B. Thank goodness the little girl found her mom!


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