Which Job? is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Two corporations have put out Help Wanted ads. Aside from the information below, the two companies' offers are exactly the same. From a purely financial standpoint, which one should you work for?

Company A will pay you $100,000 a year and give you a $20,000 raise yearly.

Company B will pay you $50,000 every six months and give you a $5,000 raise every six months.


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If you take the time to add things, this puzzle can be solved in a minute.

Go on, try and add up how much money you'd receive from both companies each year for a few years.

For Company A, you can just look at your yearly salary to get your total income for the year.

Company B will give you a raise halfway through the year, so you'll need to calculate two six-month periods to get your yearly pay.

Which one offers more money?

Let's add up how much you'd make in your first year at either company.

Company A gives you $100,000 for your first year of work.

Company B gives you $50,000 for your first half year and then gives you a raise. This means that for the next six-month period, you will make $55,000. Add those together and you have your yearly pay for year one: $105,000.



Too bad!

Since there are only two choices for the answer, you now know which one to choose. But why is it that you earn more money with the other company?


Nice one!

As seen in the image above, if you actually calculate things out, you'll see that the salary for Company B will always be $5,000 higher than the corresponding salary at Company A.


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