Whodunnit? is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


Five shades entered the room. It is unknown who entered first.

Touch the letters A through E on the Touch Screen to see each of the Shades' comments. Listen carefully and work out the order that they all entered the room.

The first Shade that entered the room is the culprit!

A: ...One of the small ones came third.

B: He who stood ahead of me did not resemble me in size nor stature.

C: My robes were stained with this red liquid as I was carrying out my given task... It is unrelated. I was last to arrive.

D: Those whose robes were stained with coloured liquid were somewhere in front and behind me.

E: There was already someone in front of me when I arrived. A little one trailed behind me.

[A is large and wide. B is short and squat. C is short and squat, with red stains. D is tall and thin. E is tall and thin with blue-stained robes.]


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Shade C's position is the easiest to work out. Talk to him and find out.

Remember, this is not about who is lying, but about which order the shades walked in.

Shade A may have given away Shade B's position.

Shade C was fifth in line. That means Shade B must be third.

Shade E had one of the two smaller shades behind him. It follows that Shade E's position is either second or fourth in line.

One of the two Shades with spilled liquid on their robes stood in front of Shade D. Shade C is last, so it must be shade E.

With Shade D and E accounted for, the only Shade left is the culprit!



Try again!

It isn't necessarily about finding out who is lying. Go back and listen carefully to each comment and you're sure to get it.



Solid detective work!

It turned out the larger shade was the culprit all along.

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