Wonky Wiring is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Oh no! The radio has broken-- and right when these kids were going to listen to some music too!

You'll have to help repair the radio. Adjust the wiring so that every section of wire is connected, and make sure the cross and square terminals in the center connect to the matching cross and square terminals on either side.

Use the stylus to rotate the pieces of wiring, and connect everything!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Try choosing a specific point to start from.

You might find it easier if you start working from the cross terminal on the left side.

Rotate the bottom left piece with the round dot so that the wire points upward and the dot is on the bottom.

Do the opposite with the similar piece in the top left.

Have the top right piece with a dot point left, so that the dot is on the right. The piece immediately below it should point downward.

Is the answer starting to become clear?

Here's the last hint. This time, you want to look at the piece with the square and cross terminals in the middle.

Rotate it so that the wire from the cross terminal points downward and the wire from the square terminal points upward.



Too bad.

Have you got your wires crossed? Remember, you want to connect square to square and cross to cross.



The radio's fixed! Nothing like a good tune to liven up the atmosphere.

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