Puzzlette is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. She is Granny Riddleton's granddaughter, and Beasly's puzzle-keeping successor.



Puzzlette wears her hair in a beehive-like style. She wears a red dress over a brown shirt, which has a little lace bow on it. She also wears a light purple scarf.


Puzzlette is a naive and playful girl. She describes herself as "so fragrant and pretty", like flowers. In Unwound Future, it seems like she has a tendency to rant. Despite seeming ill-mannered with a first impression, she is actually very polite, as she cares about picking flowers in front of houses.



Puzzlette is Granny Riddleton's granddaughter and her successor as the guardian of puzzles.

Though she is a bit spacey, she has a certain innocent ruthlessness.

It seems like there's is more to her than meets the eye...


Professor Layton and the Unwound FutureEdit

When Beasly is about to tell Luke the story of his life struggle whilst in Chinatown, Puzzlette sneaks up to him from behind and swats him. After giving him a good beating, she explains that her "granny" has put her in charge of puzzle-keeping. From this point on, she can be found at the Puzzle Shack in Chinatown, or contacted via Puzzlette's Phone in the abandoned shop on Future Midland Road.




Cutscene 20
US Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Scene 20 37

US Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Scene 20 37


  • Puzzlette gives the quest "A Blossoming Friendship" in London Life.
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