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The Rabbit Show is a minigame item in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is given to Luke
by the ringmaster of the One-Ring Circus in the Dromedary Hotel gardens.


The Rabbit Show minigame is found in Professor Layton's trunk alongside the other minigames. The object of the game is to teach a rabbit (named by the player) tricks in order to act out a play to impress the ringmaster.

Bunny JournalEdit

There are 28 different actions for the rabbit to perform. While some are available from the start, others have to be discovered and then taught to the rabbit. More actions are discovered after rehearsing the ringmaster's scripts.

Name Details Luke's Notes Discovered
Cheer A little hop of happiness. Do you ever feel so happy that you just want to spring into the air? Use this for joy! Chat
Jaunt Walk along at a merry pace. It's natural to bounce along when you're in a cheery mood. Use this for joy! Default
Prance Bounce forwards with delight. It's that feeling you get when you see someone you care about. Use this for joy! Default
Blush A little bit embarrassed. This is like getting a compliment - you feel a bit embarrassed, but kind of pleased too! Chat
Dig Work hard at digging. Intently pawing at the ground everywhere looks like hard work. Use this to show determination. Train
Spin Twirl on the spot. Have you seen figure skaters spin? They're really something! Use this for joy! Train
Jig A gleeful, lively dance. With these moves, you could easily be a street performer! Use this for overwhelming joy! Train
Name Details Luke's Notes Discovered
Wiggle A cheeky tail wiggle. There's nothing cuter than a little fuzzy rabbit wiggling its bottom! Use this for playfulness! Chat
Handwalk A wobbly walk on front legs. It's nerve-wracking to watch, but very entertaining. Use this for playfulness! Default
Leap Do a great leap in the air. I think the funniest part is the way he has to get ready. Use this for playfulness! Train
Spy Look around furtively. All that glancing around can make you look suspicious... Use this when searching for something! Chat
Bunny Kick A fierce kick only for rabbits. I see it now—bunny kickboxing, the world-class martial art! Use this at dramatic moments! Train
Roll An adorable forward roll. He's so cute when he rolls up into a ball. Use this for playfulness. Train
Breakin' Bunny Perform some hip hops! Break dancing is hard, but it'll score you major points for style! Use this for dancing scenes! Train
Name Details Luke's Notes Discovered
Shiver Tremble with fear. A shudder of genuine terror. You should use this when you want to look really scared! Chat
Sulk Shuffle along miserably. This is sure to make you look down in the dumps. Use it to express disappointment! Default
Flee Run away in terror! This really captures the essence of fear. Use it when you want to make a quick escape! Default
Stamp Stamp your feet in a huff. Use this action when you're so frustrated that you just can't help yourself. Chat
Slump Collapse with exhaustion. Falling flat is a great form of expression! Try using it when you need to look either injured or tired. Train
Stagger Wobble on the verge of falling. Have you ever been so exhausted your legs could hardly hold you? Use this to look tired or ill Chat
Tantrum Squirm with frustration! He's just so cute when he's wriggling! I think we can use this to show a sense of exasperation. Train
Name Details Luke's Notes Discovered
Shock Fall over with surprise. So overcome with shock that you fall on your backside! Use this for surprise. Default
Awe Look from side to side in awe. This action makes it look as if there are incredible things all around. Use it for amazement! Default
Slink Sneak with intent. Easy does it...and don't make a sound. Use this action in moments of suspense! Chat
Worry A gush of concern. Don't worry about how to use it! Just use it to express worry! Chat
Eureka What a brilliant idea! You think and think, scratch your head, and finally get it! That's when to use this action. Chat
Chatter Chat away enthusiastically. Talk for a bit, listen for a bit, smile and nod, as if you were having a conversation! Chat
Flutter Jump and kick in the air. You could almost interpret it as a dance! He even clicks his heels! Train


There are ten Scripts to rehearse in the Rabbit Show minigame. New scripts are given to Layton and Luke after completing certain tasks for people.

Name Given By # Actions Puzzle
01 Sunflowers in the Storm Tyrone 6
02 Postman Bun Doug 6 A Lick of Paint
03 Little Lost Squirrel Artie 9 Toppings Up!
04 Eve of the Carnival Maurice 10 Kitty Solitaire
05 Home Sweet Home Randall Ascot 11 Padlocked Fence
06 The Naughty Wolf Esther 13 A Perilous Adventure
07 A Bit of Courage Firth 13 Mishmash Map
08 Fuzzy Dance-Off Drake 14 Slot Sequence
09 The Snow Bunny Puck 16 Ferris Letters
10 The Greatest Treasure Mordy 15 Mystery Room
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