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Ramon is a character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. He works for the Reinhold family as a servant.


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Professor Layton and the Curious Village[]

When Professor Layton and Luke first visit Reinhold Manor they meet Ramon, who apparently does not believe he is the real professor, so he has them solve a puzzle to pass.

Layton meets Ramon outside Reinhold Manor

Later on, during Simon's 'murder' investigation, everyone notices that Ramon wasn't around during the murder, so Layton and Luke go to find him. They witness him apparently being kidnapped by an old man, whom they chase after, but ultimately lose sight of. They go back to Reinhold Manor to report what they saw, but Ramon comes back alive and well, oblivious to what had happened and that he had been gone.

Later, when Layton and Luke meet Bruno, they learn that the villagers of St. Mystere are robots, and that Ramon had been taken for repairs.

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Ramon, found in front of Reinhold Manor, gives Layton a few puzzles during the game. These include Wolves and Chicks and Over the River.