You may be looking for Emmy Altava, whose name in the Japanese versions of the Professor Layton series is Remi Arutawa.

Remy is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Remy is employed by the Anderson Family. He is a guard who often dozes off instead of actually working. He wears an orange uniform and is found on the road to Mr. Anderson's House.


Remy gives Professor Layton and Luke a puzzle during the course of their time in Dropstone. He is found after Layton bumps into Inspector Chelmey. The puzzle that Remy gives them is "Tangled Ropes".



Remy works as a guard at Mr. Anderson's mansion, though few people ever come by. Therefore, Remy usually spends his days asleep on his feet at his post. Few people are as good as Remy at multitasking while asleep.