Ridelle Mystere is a librarian appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She is the curator of the Great Archive in Labyrinthia. She replaces Granny Riddleton, Keats, Beasly and Puzzlette as the puzzle keeper.


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Professor Layton, Luke and Espella first meet Ridelle at the Great Archive, where they ask her about the Grand Grimoire. She tells them that the book is in a special viewing room, and that only highly intelligent people may view it. The professor then shows his skills by solving both of her puzzles, leaving her shocked. Ridelle then accompanies Layton and co. to the special viewing room with the Grand Grimoire.

After opening the secret basement of the Great Archive, Ridelle tells Professor Layton and Luke about the Legendary Fire, an event in the past caused by the Great Witch Bezella.


Ridelle gives out the puzzles Lost in Time and Out of Time to Professor Hershel Layton.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on the words "Mysterious Riddle".
    • Her German name seems to be a combination of the German word for puzzle (Rätsel) and "Gretel" from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel (which originated in Germany under the name Hänsel und Gretel)
      • Her German surname might also be a pun on the German word for books (Bücher), although in real life, the surname Büchner is actually related to beech trees (in German: Buche)
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