Nice shot of London

The Thames running through London

The River Thames is a river in the real world that flows through southern England and one of its many stops is London.

This river flows straight through London and is seen in two installments of the Professor Layton series.

Professor Layton and the Eternal DivaEdit

In the Eternal Diva, the River Thames appears as a cameo. During the Cold Open of the film, the River Thames lies under the Tower Bridge, where Professor Layton goes to solve the case as to what exactly has happened to the silenced bell of Big Ben. Here, Layton reveals that the kind old lady near-by is none other than the sinister Don Paolo. With his disguise blown, Paolo retreats using a propeller hidden within his umbrella, flying over the river. Hastily, Inspector Chelmey, Barton, Luke and Layton chase down Don.

Professor Layton and the Unwound FutureEdit

In the Unwound Future, the River Thames makes its first real appearance. The river appears in both London and Future London. In Future London, Layton travels over the river in order to get to Chinatown. The river separates Future London in between the core parts of the city and Chinatown. Across the river, on the north side, is Dimitri's Research Facility and an odd lighthouse. Along the River Thames is also a location known as the Thames Arms. The Thames Arms is a riverside restaurant on the western side of the River Thames.


Later on in the story, after Layton solves the mystery of Future London, Clive uses a motor boat near the Thames Arms and goes to the lighthouse. Here, Clive activates his dormant Mobile Fortress. He boards the fortress and activates the machine, rising up from the Thames. Clive uses the fortress to attack Future London and eventually rises up into the real London.

In the real London, the River Thames is seen while the screen is zoomed out on the city. Clive's Mobile Fortress doesn't draw near the river so Layton parks his car after exiting the fortress along the other side of the River Thames.


  • The River Thames is named after the stories of Old Father Thames.
  • In Future London, Luke says that the River Thames has gotten very dirty in the past years.
  • The River Thames is the second longest river in England.
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