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Roland Layton is a character in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He is Professor Layton's adoptive father.



Roland has white hair and a beard, and wears a dark blue shirt with gold-brown trousers, held by suspenders. In Azran Legacy flashback (30 years before) he wears brown coat and black hat, but still appears elderly.


Being intuitive, Roland is a quiet and calm man. He is very wise, and knows a fair bit about archaeology, being the one who told Layton about The Wall of Norwell.


Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask[]

Roland appears during Layton's flashbacks to his teenage life in Stansbury. After school, Hershel arrives home to find his mother Lucille in a panic because Roland left the house with what she thinks were suspicious-looking men a few hours ago and had not yet returned. Lucille requests that Hershel go and search for him in case he has gotten into trouble.

Hershel then walks through Stansbury, inquiring after his father. The comments he receives in reply suggest that Hershel being sent out after Roland is a fairly regular event, most people mentioning that Lucille worries too much.

After searching the town with no luck, Hershel looks for his father at the Norwell Wall, where he finds Roland alone.

When Hershel asks him where he has been and tells him that Lucille was very worried for him, Roland reacts with frustration, but not surprise. He tells Hershel that the men were simply old friends and that he took them out to see the Norwell Wall, and that he told Lucille this before leaving. Again, we are given a sense that this is sort of thing happens regularly.

They return home together, and are met by a relieved Lucille, whom Roland chastises for getting herself into a state over his absence.

Later, the three of them eat dinner together and discuss Hershel's day, before Hershel leaves to go to Randall's place.


  • His appearance hasn't changed through over 30 years as seen in Miracle Mask and Azran Legacy.


Miracle Mask[]

US Version

Layton's father nurtures a warm, thick beard that befits his generous hospitality. This quiet, discerning gentleman loves adventure and has even solved a case or two back when he was his son's age...

UK Version

Layton's father nurtures a warm, thick beard that befits his generous hospitality. This quiet, discerning gentleman secretly pines for adventure and even solved a couple of cases of his own back in the day. He'd have been his son's age, in fact...

Azran Legacy[]

Layton's father is a gentle man, known for his thick beard and bushy eyebrows. Despite not getting any younger, his curiosity and spirit of adventure remain as strong as ever. Indeed, it is from his father that the professor gets his love for solving puzzles.