Rosa Grimes is Layton's housekeeper in the fourth game, when Luke had not met him yet. She and Layton are good friends. What happens with her after Professor Layton and the Last Specter is unknown.

Rosa collects Layton's post, makes tea and cleans his room.



She has brown hair and wears a white cloth over it. She wears a blue dress, and, under that, she wears an orange T-shirt with long sleeves. She also wears a red maillot and brown shoes.


The cleaning lady in charge of Gressenheller University's offices, Rosa is highly meticulous and, as such, cannot bear to sit by idly and leave the professor's messy habits unchecked.

On the plus side, she makes a smashing cup of tea.



Professor Layton and the Last SpecterEdit

Prologue: So We Meet AgainEdit

She can be seen getting Layton's post, and telling Layton that he works far too hard. She gave him the letter from Clark, and started making tea whilst talking about how Dean Delmona wanted to talk to him about an assistant, before he rushes off.

Chapter 6: London's Hidden SecretsEdit

She appears again when Emmy came back to London to collect the documents Layton requested. When Emmy went to Gressenheller University, Rosa helped her find Layton's papers.

Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving FilesEdit

In the anime, she appears in the Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure subseries, visiting Katrielle's Detective Agency to tell Katrielle all she knows about her missing father, professor Layton. Rosa was present during Layton's visit to the British Museum to find Luke, who was missing since a few days.

Puzzles Edit

In Last Specter, Rosa gives several puzzles while Professor Layton or Emmy talks to her in Layton's office. These puzzles include "Block Ostrich," "Puppet Master," and "Gallon Hat."


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