Rufus Aldebaran is a character appearing in the second cour of the TV anime Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files. He is apparently related to the disappearance of Professor Layton.



About one century ago, Aldebaran was a genius but corrupted detective as well as an astronomer. He was the first to solve the Relics Treasure's enigma. His original name was Phillip Raisley II. He had a girlfriend named Chara.

With his giant telescope, Raisley discovered a deadly comet that will destroy earth within a century, causing mass destruction and changing the earth's surface into a wasteland. He issued a warning but it was ignored and his astronomer association kicked him out because they found his claim ridiculous.

When investigating a case in which a woman with peanut allergy was poisoned with peanut butter, he proved the woman's husband's innocence and became friends with him.

Later, Aldebaran learned from his friend about the Hidden Relics and found the Relics Room, a device that induces cryogenic sleep and therefore can bring people to the future. He analyzed the device's technology in order to build a shelter to save people by putting them into cryogenic sleep, but that was difficult with the technology from the era the device came from. Therefore Aldebaran decided to go to the future with the device, along with Earl Dellendar and his son, in the hope that he could build the better shelter for everyone before doomsday. He wasn't brought back through proper means, however, which caused an abnormality in his body's cells.

In the present day, he is confronted by Professor Hershel Layton and his daughter Katrielle Layton in the Greenwich observatory. He wants professor Layton to be his successor in preparing humanity for doomsday, for he predicts that his body will not last for much longer. But Layton informs him that, due to a subpar accuracy of his telescope, the comet will not strike the earth before another hundred and twenty years. He rejects Aldebaran's demand because he is sure that in the future, new people like them will occur that will try to save humanity. Then, sensing that his end is near, Aldebaran lets his dying body fall into the Thames. Layton states that he will remembered as the one that planted the seed that will save the world.


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