San Grio is a location in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It has a warm climate and a giant beach, which gains the town a lot of tourists. The market is built around a river. The people use small boats to transport shop supplies. It is located in Africa.


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Professor Layton, Luke, Emmy and Desmond Sycamore visit the town with the Bostonius in search of the Azran Eggs. Upon landing, the group finds out that San Grio is a popular tourist attraction which resolves around the story of an Azran Egg that was found there, given the local name of "popono". As a result, the island is full of fake Azran Eggs sold as trinkets, souvenirs and even food items.

Through their investigations, the group learns from a local, Bud, that the "real popono" is considered a symbol of harmony and good luck, which is passed around the islanders in a game: there are specific rules as to who the popono may be passed to, and names and the rules themselves cannot be explicitly given.

After more asking around, Layton figures out the rules of the game: the recipient of the real popono cannot hold onto it for too long, and must pass it on to someone else of either opposite gender or opposite marital status. Layton pieces together the information given by the locals, and figures out the current holder of the Egg, none other than Bud himself.

Bud explains that the original popono was discovered in offshore ruins by a man who had lost everything, but was inspired by his discovery to turn San Grio into a tourist attraction revolving around the egg; the eggs came to be named the "popono" after his last name. Bud gladly hands the Egg over to Aurora.

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