Sir Newton Belduke is a character appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He is an alchemist, who has been murdered 3 months before the events of the game.


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Newton Belduke lived together with his friend Arthur Cantabella in an unnamed town. One day, he an Arthur found the entrance to the underground ruins of an ancient civilization. After studying the ruins, they found out about the contaminated ground water and its effects on the plant life. Belduke was eventually able to extract an anesthetic from the plants that allowed them to manipulating people's minds.

However, shortly after finding the anesthetic, the tragic Legendary Fire happened as he and Arthur were exploring the ruins.


One day, Sir Belduke saved Jean Greyerl as she was trying to drown herself. After Jean confesses to him that she is a witch, he decides to take her in as his butler. This is also when he decides to become an alchemist.

All goes well, until one day the bell tower re-appears after being hit by a lightning bolt. Seeing this tower re-appear, he felt as though he was being mocked by reality that he would never be able to undo the Legendary Fire. This drove him to despair, and he started to consider suicide. He wrote a letter to Arthur asking him to take care of everything, after which he poisoned himself. Shortly after that, he was strangled by Jean, who thought he was simply asleep, as she had put a sleep medicine in his drink.


His English first name is the surname of Sir Issac Newton. In addition to their noble title, both were professionals of a form of science among the community.

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