"Ace Attorney in London - Part 2!"

London is the second special episode appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


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After their reunion at Hershel Layton's office, the Professor took Luke Triton, Espella Cantabella, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey on a tour of London, particularly the places in which Layton and Triton had gone during their search for Cantabella. While there were there, they noticed that many people were wearing top hats. Triton left the group while they were visiting Tower Bridge, saying that he wanted to show them something. They then headed to the park to find that Carmine Accidenti's car was still stuck in a tree.

Inspector Chelmey explained that the park had become a tourist attraction. The people in top hats were dressing up as Layton. At the end of each tour, tourists would participate in a reenactment of Accidenti's drive through the park, including getting thrown into the tree by the nearby statues. The statues were actually prototype robots created by Labrelum Inc. using "the very latest ultra-advanced technology." Labrelum had bought that land and planted the robots to prevent Accidenti from escaping the Great Witch's clutches. The land and robots had since been given back to the public, as Labrelum no longer needed them.

Throughout the conversation, Chelmey would refuse to divulge information, only to engage in a long, awkward pause before giving the information away. He explained that it was due to his "rivalry" with Layton. Chelmey would be happy to give Layton information, but since that would be too simple, he would resist. Layton assured Chelmey that he considered him not a rival, but a friend. Chelmey also said that Constable Barton would normally be leaking the information, which explained the awkward pauses.

Fey began to wonder what had happened to Triton. Layton told her that Triton had given him a puzzle, which he suggested contained a clue as to his whereabouts. Fey solved the puzzle and got the message: "Layton loves his afternoon tea." It turned out that Triton and Barton were stuck inside the car.





The puzzle available during this episode is:

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