"Farewell to Labyrinthia. We embark upon a new adventure."

A Fond Farewell is the epilogue special episode of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


With Hershel Layton, Phoenix Wright, and company, back from their visit to Labyrinthia, they discuss the development process of their crossover game. Layton mentions how both Level-5 and Capcom saw success potential in their collaboration. However, it wasn't smooth sailing from the very beginning.

One major obstacle was the difference in design between the the two home series, with "Ace Attorney" having a more "real" design style then that of "Professor Layton". Phoenix and Layton felt uncomfortable when they stood side by side for the first time, due to this fact, as well as the noticeable height difference. The developers went through a difficult process with balancing the two design types to make them not stand out next to each other in the game, including adjusting character heights. They discuss the different ways in which the developers tried to incorporate the "vs." theme of the title, including the crossover themed puzzle in the underground ruins, and the finale courtroom battle, from the main game, as well as a scrapped fencing duel between Phoenix and Layton from an early storyboard. The "vs." vibe was also felt by the developers, as tensions between the two teams was rather heated, with there at times even being fights that broke out between the two development teams. However in the end, it was a good chance for cooperation, and for both teams to develop their strong rivalry.

Afterwards, Phoenix and Layton both worked together to solve one final puzzle. It was finally time for the characters to part ways once again. They said their goodbyes to each other, before addressing the player, thanking them for playing the game, and hoping to see them again someday soon.
"...From everyone in the Layton and Ace Attorney universe: SEE YOU LATER!"
— Maya





The puzzle available during this special episode is:

Trivia Edit

  • Maya mentions how she played the Professor's latest game, having noticed how Layton looked shorter in said game then the prior ones.
  • When Maya asks Phoenix what his finishing catchphrase would be if someone were to put him in a fight, he says it would be something like, "It's time to pay for your crimes!". This is a reference to Phoenix's "Ace Attorney" hyper combo move in the fighting game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, in which he says exactly this, just before dealing the damage to the opponent.
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