Stansbury is a location in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask



Pre-Game EventsEdit

Stansbury is the hometown of Randall, Angela, Alphonse Dalston, and Henry. When they were teenagers, Hershel Layton moved there with his parents Roland and Lucille from London.

Professor Layton and the Miracle MaskEdit

As a teenager, Randall somehow found an ancient treasure first discovered by an explorer centuries before: the Mask of Chaos. He was proud of his accomplishment, and brought Hershel and Angela to his house, where he showed them the mask and a huge diagram drawn on his bedroom wall which translated the 'cipher' of the Wall of Norwell; directions to the ruins of Akbadain.

Randall decided to go to Akbadain, together with Hershel, to try and find the lost treasure it supposedly contained. The next day, Randall and Layton explored the ruins and fought mummies. However, the ruins began to collapse as they continued exploring, creating a big hole in the ground and nearly taking Randall with them. Hershel held on to him, but Randall wanted to give the mask to him and fall on purpose, since there was no way that he could climb back up without dropping it.

Randall did fall in the hole along with the mask, and Hershel thought he had been killed. When Henry heard about his 'death', he initiated a search, which soon led to the founding of the city of Monte d'Or. Henry, Angela, Alphonse, and Randall's mother moved from Stansbury to Monte d'Or to wait for Randall's return.


Miracle MaskEdit

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