Swift is a character in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. He is a key member of Targent and Leon Bronev's right hand.

Plot Edit


Professor Layton and the Azran LegacyEdit

Swift is introduced just after the arrest of Inspector Leonard Bloom. Swift tells to his superior the bad news and asks him whether he should take care of Layton & Co. with the help of Targent's murderous branch, to which Bronev replies that it is useless.

He only reappears just before the confrontation between Bronev and the group as a puzzle counter. He asks you to have solved 75 puzzles in order to be able to meet the boss, to prove that they are worthy of it.

This is followed by a short dialogue between Layton and Swift about how Targent goes about recruiting researchers. Layton makes it very clear that she is shocked by the methods used. Swift, on the other hand, advocates his boss, which leaves him to get carried away and "apologises", probably embarrassed.

Long Live Targent!Edit

Swift is seen one last time in one of the special episodes, in which he is shocked at Bronev's betrayal. One of the organization's soldiers, Grouse, comes to give him the latest news. He tells him that Targent can continue to exist even after Bronev's departure. Then he reports to him that he and his other colleagues have taken a vote to appoint the new head of the organisation. And it was unanimously that Swift was elected the new leader, which came as a great surprise to him.

It was then that he made a promise to restore the Agency's image and become as "wise" as the Azran.

Trivia Edit

  • Swift, like the other members of Targent, is named after a bird.
  • He wears an orange ascot very similar to the one worn by the young Randall Ascot.

Profile Edit

Bronev's right-hand man and one of the highest-ranking Targent officers. He was once full of adoration for his boss, but when he learnt that Bronev had abandoned him, he took control of the organisation and vowed to put it back on the correct path.

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