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Luke enjoying a cup of Belle Classic.

The Tea Set is an item and minigame in the second installment of the Professor Layton saga. During the course of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Professor Layton and Luke meet a kind elderly woman by the name of Laurel while they are visiting the village of Dropstone early on in the game. By completing her puzzle she rewards them with the Tea Set. The tea set isn't really used though until Professor Layton, Luke, and Flora go to the town of Folsense.


There are eight different ingredients that the Professor and Luke find during their time in the game. The first three ingredients given to them are Brisk Berry, Oasis Leaf, and Belle Tart Seed. Throughout the game they collect more by solving various people's puzzles. The other ingredients they obtain are the following: Joy Root Clover, Dream Fluff, Peppercherry, Cinder Horse, and Tonic Flower.

Name How To Obtain (By Which Puzzle)
Oasis Leaf #036 - The Trapped Bird
Brisk Berry #036 - The Trapped Bird
Belle Tart Seed/Citronia Seed #036 - The Trapped Bird
Dream Fluff #061 - Where's the Hotel?
Joy Root Clover #074 - PU!
Tonic Flower #086 - Perplexing Figures
Peppercherry #089 - Flower Bed Fun
Cinder Horse #109 - Walking the Dog


By using the above eight ingredients, Professor Layton and Luke experiment and find twelve different teas that they can make.

Name Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Belle Classic/Citrus Classic Oasis Leaf Brisk Berry Belle Tart Seed
Oasis Berry Oasis Leaf Brisk Berry Brisk Berry
Sugar Smoke Oasis Leaf Belle Tart Seed Cinder Horse
Root Remedy Oasis Leaf Joy Root Clover Tonic Flower
Cherry Boost Oasis Leaf Peppercherry Peppercherry
Bitter Fruit Brisk Berry Belle Tart Seed Tonic Flower
Dream Spice Brisk Berry Dream Fluff Peppercherry
Clover Quencher Brisk Berry Joy Root Clover Cinder Horse
Radiance Blend Belle Tart Seed Dream Fluff Joy Root Clover
Cayenne Twilight Dream Fluff Joy Root Clover Peppercherry
Cinder Flower Dream Fluff Tonic Flower Cinder Horse
The Layton Elixir Joy Root Clover Peppercherry Cinder Horse

Tea Drinkers[]

In the town of Folsense twenty-four people want Professor Layton and Luke's help with some tea. Also in the game sometimes if the player opens up Layton's briefcase a note saying "Help!" will be over the tea set. This means Layton or Luke would like some tea.

Sometimes if Layton or Luke give a person some tea they will rewarded with a Hint Coin or a new puzzle. Completing all twenty-six drinkers will open the Tea Master's House in the Bonuses section.

The Drinkers[]

Name Choice of Tea
Hershel Layton Belle Classic
Luke Triton Oasis Berry
Ilyana/Vera Oasis Berry
Joanie Oasis Berry
Derby Belle Classic
Stachenscarfen Belle Classic
Dawson Cayenne Twilight
Ray Cayenne Twilight
Lila Root Remedy
Marina Root Remedy
Krantz Cherry Boost
Dogey/Dylan Cherry Boost
Duke Bitter Fruit
Joseph Bitter Fruit
Gregorio Clover Quencher
Geoff Clover Quencher
Gertie Radiance Blend
Niles Radiance Blend
Opal Cinder Flower
Sammy Thunder Cinder Flower
Felix Dream Spice
Narice/Clarice Dream Spice
Rory Sugar Smoke
Garland Sugar Smoke
Hopper The Layton Elixir
Grinko The Layton Elixir

Tea Descriptions[]

  1. Belle Classic: A classic tea with the added twist of Belle Tart Seed. This special ingredient imparts a unique flavor.
  2. Oasis Berry: A tea loved by women and children. Its refreshing sweetness is the secret to its popularity.
  3. Sugar Smoke: A unique blend of fruity flavor with smoky undertones. Read the leaves to see the future of you love life.
  4. Root Remedy: Refined in flavor, this tea warms the body and improves circulation. Drink it at the start of a cold.
  5. Cherry Boost: The spicy kick of Peppercherry makes this tea an ideal pick-me-up if you're feeling a little down.
  6. Bitter Fruit: Sweet and sour with a subdued, bitter flavor. This complex tea is ideal for discerning adults.
  7. Dream Spice: This mysterious blend melds sweet and mild notes with a fantastic spiciness.
  8. Clover Quencher: Smokiness and sweetness coexist in the peculiar tea. It's perfect for quenching thirst.
  9. Radiance Blend: Soothing in scent and midly fruity in flavor, this vitamin-packed tea addresses all kinds of beauty woes.
  10. Cayenne Twilight: The initial light taste of this tea soon transforms into something spicy. Perfect for unwinding.
  11. Cinder Flower: This blend works wonders against sickness of all kinds, though the taste can be off-puttingly strong.
  12. The Layton Elixir: A single sip will capture you heart. The harmony of unlikely flavors results in a miraculous beverage.