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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Lua-logo This template uses Lua
This template makes use of the following Lua modules: Module:T

This template creates a template link with a variable number of example parameters (0-infinite), which can be used to show example inputs.


The following parameters are supported:

(Any number >= 2)
Will be shown as a parameter for the template.
Will be added as a prefix before the template name.
If set to code, will be wrapped in <code></code> tags.


  • {{t|welcome}} → {{welcome}}
  • {{t|:Main Page}} → {{:Main Page}}
  • {{t|welcome|Item1|Item2|Item3|Item4|Item5|...}} → {{welcome|<Item1>|<Item2>|<Item3>|<Item4>|<Item5>|<...>}}
  • {{t|welcome|Item1|someparam{{eq}}value}} → {{welcome|<Item1>|someparam=<value>}}
  • {{t|welcome|Example{{eq}}}} → {{welcome|Example}}
  • {{t|welcome|prefix=subst}} → {{subst:welcome}}
  • {{t|T|prefix=#invoke}} → {{#invoke:T}}
  • {{t|welcome|style=code}}{{welcome}}

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