The Nautilus Chamber of Akbadain (also known as the Infinite Vault of Akbadain) is a location in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is the third legacy
Nautilus chamber of akbadain
of the Azrans that the Targent agency is after. It lies in the middle of a desert.




Along with the Garden of Healing and the City of Harmony, the Nautilus chamber makes up one of three legacies of the lost civilization of the Azrans. It lies in a deserted plain close to Monte d'Or.

Professor Layton and the Miracle MaskEdit

Chapter 8: The Last MiracleEdit

When Professor Layton worked out the true treasure that the Mask of Chaos was connected to in the Akbadain ruins under Monte d'Or (along with "Angela Ledore", Emmy, and Luke), he 'unlocked' the mask to show two halves, the Mask of Chaos and the Mask of Order. He then gave the first to Angela, and told her to place it in the slot. He then did the same thing with the latter. Once done, the Akbadain ruins beneath Monte d'Or began to rise, revealing the true treasure of the ruins and saving the town from being flooded with sand by Randall in revenge. Along with the ruins rising, the Nautilus chamber was revealed as well.


When Jean Descole and Raymond breached the newly risen chamber, the 'Targent' army swarmed the area, intending on capturing Descole to keep him quiet. After failing in this, Bronev, the leader of Targent, decided to isolate the ruins to prevent Descole from returning.

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