The One-Ring Circus (known as the Stellar Circus in the UK version) are a group of circus performers who are currently in Monte d'Or.



Chapter 1: The Masked Gentleman Edit

Early in the game, Professor Hershel Layton and Luke Triton meet Stumble and save him from a sticky situation. Shortly afterwards, Layton, Luke and Emmy Altava are informed about the circus by Juggles. Outside the Camel's Hump Hotel, the three meet with the Ringmaster, who is in the act of firing the circus rabbits. Luke agrees to train one of them to become a fine actor.

Chapter 3: Discord In Monte d’Or Edit

En route to meeting with Alphonse Dalston, Layton and co. see the tent where the circus have set up during their stay in Monte d'Or. Later, Ludmilla tells them that the circus recently rented a number of customers from her shop. Layton, Luke and Emmy wonder if they are in any way connected to the Masked Gentleman, but the Ringmaster tells them that this is not the case, and that he merely rented the costumes so that his performers could enjoy the parade. Luke decides to speak with the circus tiger, Maurice, who tells him that the circus were actually doing a show on the night of the petrification miracle, and that Dalston was there-clearing the names of him and the troupe.

In the end credits, it is shown that the Ringmaster allows the rabbits to return to the circus.


  • Ringmaster: The Ringmaster is head of the circus and hosts the show
  • Collette: Collette is a popular tightrope walker in the circus, who is sometimes seen putting up posters with Stumble
  • Yukkles: One of many clowns performing in the circus
  • Stumble: Stumble is a clumsy circus jester that Layton and co. meet at the very start of the game.
  • Juggles: Juggles is a lively clown who is very enthusiastic about other people!
  • Puck: Puck is a circus jester who tries his best to grab the attention of other people, however only a few like Juggles and Sterling notices him.
  • Maurice: Maurice is a male white tiger who is the feline star of the circus.
  • Rabbit: (see Rabbit (Minigame)). There are 2 rabbits performing for the circus.
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