• I know that Randall promised Angela that the expedition to Akbadain when they were younger was going to be his last. But I doubt that Angela would mind Hershel teaching Randall how to think like Layton, how he thinks at least and uses his environment like layton. I know they probably just don't want another chance of Randall getting himself killed but with a little tweaking, he could be (almost XD ) as smart as Layton. I was a bit upset when Randall was nowhere to be seen or heard from in Azran Legacies (as far as I know. I've only seen the cutscenes). You'd think that the good Hershel Layton would include his best friend who is of course an Azran enthusiast, in at least some ¬†way when looking for any other parts of the Azran. Its not like it is really THAT classified that he can't tell Randall about the Azran girl. I mean do phones not exist there? Maybe with all of Descole's inventing, you'd think he'd invent a phone. I hate how when we find out more of Professor Layton's background, those people, his best friend, his other friends, his girlfriend, etc. they are never heard/seen again¬†:(. I know how important that keeping promises is but there's no reason why Randall couldn't have been involved in the slightest.

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    • Totally agreed... I haven't actually played the Azran Legacy game yet but I've finished the Miracle Mask yesterday.. And personally considering how big the friendship was between Layton and Randall I would have expected more scenes between them at the end of the game. Same goes for Angela. I mean, she's been waiting for him for several years and now he's back, she should have run to him and kissed him or something. I know Erik (I think it's Henry (?) in the English/American version) was really close to Randall too but.. If anything, the scene when Layton had to save Randall again was really great because they had to face their past again in a way. I felt really sorry for Randall (despite his rage towards Montedore) because he was used, or better, his lack of any memory was. And yet, although it seems everyone accepted his apologies I couldn't really feel it as a nice and happy ending for Randall.

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