• hi! i'm new here... i wanted to put off writing an essay for school so i thought it would be fun to fix some typos and add some paragraphs to layton's personality page. whoops, though, cause i slam dunked the entire plot section into the trash by accident, never to be seen again!!! (i accidentally deleted it) i've fixed it to the best of my ability, but it still needs some good loving. i added back the "profiles" image tab as an apology. hopefully i can re-format the photos, proofread, etc. before my ip gets banned :'). also... is the chapter by chapter summaries necessary? it's cool, and i love it, don't get me wrong, but it feels super in depth for a character page. if i were to fix this, would more character centered summaries work? ones that don't summarize each chapter for each game layton's in, but instead summarize his choices, actions, history, etc. revealed throughout the game in tandem with the plot any help with this would be tremendously appreciated. thank you and apologies

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    • Hi

      Welcome to the Layton Wiki. Thanks for your contributions, I appreciate it. Don't worry about the stuff you removed. The wiki actually keeps every single version of every page, so you can't really do anything wrong. I've restored the page of Professor Layton to how it was before your first edit. You can have a look at the history of the page to find your edits and maybe salvage some of the edits you've done.

      As for the long chapter by chapter summaries I kind of agree actually. I mean it's fine for minor characters so you can summarize their involvement; but for characters like Hershel it seems to be a bit overkill (and repetition of the plot on the game page). It might indeed be worth looking into redoing the plot section as a whole.

      If you still plan on making lots of edits, I recommend you to create a Wikia account. It works for all Wikia wikis, plus you get other benefits like reduced ads etc. Plus, it's easier to track edits like that.

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