• I added information on Luke's recent appearance in the anime to his page, and removed "fanon" from Flora's (assumptions on her personality and the "adoption" fanon, since instead she's always been called a "protegee" of Layton and similar in the Japanese version, where she was written differently there in regards to Layton as well). If Flora is confirmed to be "adopted" when she later appears in the anime, then I would understand that reference, but as of now she is not (even with Katrielle's game) and it spreads misinformation. There is no Japanese materials or reference that confirm Layton "adopted" her either.

    I might be making a few more edits but it'd only be for similar things (removing fanon, making a few notes on Japanese versions) etc. I hope that's ok.

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    • Thanks for your edits. Yeah feel free to remove the fanon stuff. Can't really blame people for adding it, but the wiki should be consistent with the canon. Keep up the good work!

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    • Yes, I believe the same (the Wiki should be consistent with the canon). While I understood why the fanon came about, the currently running anime doesn't appear to contain any of it still, so it seems better to leave it out for now until it can be absolutely confirmed. However, since Flora was Layton's "self-proclaimed bride candidate" in the Japanese version, and no last names appeared to be changed as well (such as with Emmy), it seems very unlikely now. (For example, the anime would likely continue to refer to Flora as such unless she appears with her last name changed.) I edited some other articles to clarify these things as well, in hopes of preventing the continued spread of misinformation. Thanks for the response!

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