Torrido is a location in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The town seems to be Wild West themed: old buildings, a lot of fights and a sheriff. It is located in Arizona, United States of America

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Professor Layton, Luke, EmmyDesmond Sycamore and Aurora visit the town with the Bostonius when searching for the five eggs.

Upon arriving in Torrido, the desert town, the Professors, Emmy, Luke and Aurora have a close encounter with a rather large red wolf, Old Red. Unfortunately, Old Red has the Azran Egg hung around his neck in a pendant, forcing the group to search for him despite the warnings of the locals.

After asking around, the group finds Old Red in a cave outside the village, but Old Red does not attack. Luke attempts to speak to the wolf, learning that Old Red is in pain. Old Red wants to speak to the girl who once saved his life, so he can give her back the pendant she gave him before he passes on. The group returns to the village and brings back Scarlett, a local girl who matches the description Old Red gave, but Scarlett turns out not to be the person Old Red was looking for.

Scarlett brings the group to her grandmother's house, at which point Layton realizes that Old Red was really looking for Scarlett's grandmother, Ruby; Old Red had simply not realized that his rescuer might have aged over the years. Ruby is brought to the cave, where she uncouples the pendant she had given the wolf; Old Red was not ill, but simply choked by the pendant as it became too small for him. Reunited with her old friend, Ruby gives the group the Azran Egg.

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