The Toy Car is an item in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It is given to Layton and Luke by Margaret. They obtain the car whenever they purchase a room in the Hotel Duke.

How to Use

The car is used to just play around. At the beginning of the minigame, the car can change it's innitial direction. Then Layton and Luke place tiles on the board that change the car's direction. Also there is a tile that can make the car jump over certain objects as well.

The Tracks

There are ten tracks to obtain in the game. Each one of the tracks is given to Layon and Luke by doing things for people.

Person who gives Track Name of Track
Margaret Daily Stroll
Bostro Big Score
Belle Sweet Hunt
Pavel Desert Trek
Becky Clean Up
Barton Patrol Route
Checker Gold Grab
Subject 3 Carrot Patch
Mark Cash Roundup
Layton Hat Hunt
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