Triton Manor is a location in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. It is the home of Clark Triton, the mayor of Misthallery, and his family.


The Manor has several stepping stones which leads to some stairs to the front door. It has many windows and has a roof with Clark's Car inside it.

The Manor has 2 Halls and 4 Rooms in it. (Including the Living Room, The cellar, Clark's Study and Luke's Room) The hall to the Living Room has a decorated reg rug on the floor. There is a large staircase upstairs with a blue mat on it. Under the stairs is the wooden blue door to the wine cellar. It also has a pot plant next to it.

The Living Room contains two light green sofas, in between them is a coffee table which has another small pot plant on top of it. The Room also has a fireplace. On top of the fireplace are many little ornaments (Most likely Brenda Triton's) There is also a painting of a landscape above the fireplace. In the corner of the room is a mirror and a coat-hanger. On the floor is a red rug.

The upstairs hall leads to two rooms (Clark's Study and Luke's room) It has another pot plant near to the door to the study and also another painting opposite the study.

Luke's room has two windows with blue curtains. On the left side of the curtains is a map of the world and below that is Luke's bed. On the side of the wall, next to the bed, is three unknown paintings. Leaning against the bottom of the bed is Luke's violin case. In the middle of the room is a round, decorated, blue rug. More towards the window is Luke's desk and chair. On top of the desk is his typewriter (Used to type the letter to Professor Hershel Layton). On the right side of the room is a bookcase full of books (Luke has claimed to read all of them twice.) Closer towards the door is a rocking chair occupied by Luke's Teddy Bear friend.


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