Tweeds is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Tweeds wore a red shirt with white pants and blue shoes. He had blond hair and small black eyes.


A clumsy lad who would give his life for a lollipop, Tweeds takes the grunt work of the Black Ravens' physical work.

Though he strives to be useful, his efforts usually fall flat--but this is considered one of his more endearing traits.



Chapter 4: The Shadowy ManipulatorEdit

When asked by Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy about the black market, Tweeds claims to not know anything about it. He took part as one of the Black Ravens when Emmy gave chase, accidently giving away the Ravens' secret when he stole candy from Aunt Taffy.

Chapter 9: The Specter Becomes ClearEdit

He is one of the Ravens who helps Layton find parts for and build a catapult in order to stop Descole's machine from destroying Misthallery.


In the post-credits cutscene, he is seen along with the other Ravens with Arianna, being a friend of hers now.


Tweeds gives a couple of puzzles to the professor and co. while they investigate Misthallery. These puzzles include "How Many Ones?" and "Cutting the Cake."

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