Niki Alvata

aka Nikki

  • I live in America
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Mostly, being a professor layton/anime fangirl and editing the wikia.
  • I am Girl. Slightly a tom-boy, but a girl none the less.

'sup! I'm Niki Alvata, a PL fangirl. And no, I didn't spell my user name wrong. It's suposed to be Alvata. That's how my sister used to say 'Altava'. So, I'm a newer PL fan, having only played Last Specter but am very enthusiastic player (I've played it 4 times now). Aside from Professor Layton, my hobbies include playing the violin, drawing, and learning a little Japanese. I'm not a good speller (thank god for spell check) and have a horrible habbit of submitting puzzle answers before I actually think about it. I have a younger sister who loves Emmy, and parents who will stay up all night just to get the answer to a puzzle. I love to chat with other people, so please, if you see that I'm on, join the chat!

Chat and other randomness Edit

My good friends? Well, that's easy : SophiaDescole13, Chrononaut(the timelord), and ProfessorTriton13(who went to earl's school of butter). We INSTERESTING conversations on the chat. (feel free to join us if you can take the utter randomnes). I keep track of how many times everyone has died while I was on (it's a fun job).

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