7:37 Amethyst111 a guy in my class keeps saying hes batman so i told him no

7:37 ProfessorTriton13 k

7:37 Amethyst111 i know who batman is jake and he said no im batman

7:37 ProfessorTriton13 i know you know who batman is

7:38 Amethyst111 you >:D

7:38 Detective Inspector Bob Jake is batman? Right...

7:38 ProfessorTriton13

7:39 Amethyst111 Yesh he is have you ever seen them in the same room?

7:40 ProfessorTriton13 ~Batman has joined the chat~

7:40 Amethyst111 X) And there's another guy and during art class he thinks that we're in chatroulette so whenever someone says something he doesn't like he says let's kick him/her

7:42 Detective Inspector Bob Oh dear

7:42 Amethyst111 so then he kicks you

7:42 Detective Inspector Bob


You know some strange people...

7:42 Amethyst111 Kick as in ban from chatroom

7:42 Detective Inspector Bob I know

7:43 Amethyst111 and then when you say something he gets mad and shouts "How'd you get back in the chatroom?!" yeah I have a weird class

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