Hi! I am DarkRen0212 aka France here. So basically, I am from Cardfight Vanguard Wiki but I develop my nerd side because of Layton. Professor Layton Series is what we know as a brain teaser game where you solve puzzles. Story If you mind guys, may you introduce yourself by saying your name and your favorite Game in Professor Layton Series, and explain why.

So since I am the new guy here, I will answer first my question as part of my introduction.

For my favorite game, I like Professor Layton and the Unwound Future the best. Why of all the other games or the latest game, I pick this game. As we see, Professor Layton is an RPG game where as you progress in the storyline, you solve different puzzles. For me, there are 3 reasons why I like this.

  • Story- The story is somehow a realistic one. Well we know that such orphan like Clive could build that type of massive cavern below London but Professor's Sad Story and Dmitri's feelings, as well as Don Paulo's are just pieces of the beautiful story. Atop of those, Professor's is the best. The main story about Clive's Revenge is tied with Professor's Sad Love Story/Fate. Claire was killed with Clive's Parents. Also, the thought to be exageration is not really exageration, it is what makes the story a bit interesting. You really could feel and realize that there isnt a bit/piece of the ending shown/introduce at the start.
  • Puzzles- The puzzles are as usual, harder. I dont look at it with the number of puzzles, but the quality and difficulty. This is the game where I really had a hard time solving the puzzles.
  • Animation- the animation of the scenes isn't really the best, but what I am referring to is the design of each puzzles. The puzzle's design gives you the idea (also their names). Well, I guess I could consider also the scenes because it is a big improvement during that time. Also, the background isnt that bright anymore (the colors).

There is mine, so what is yours? Please accept me as a new member here. Goodluck answering.

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